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The Write Stuff(tm) Flash-Lit Winners!

Michele Connelly – fiction


The sheriff left the chicken farm, unsatisfied with her answers. It was bad enough he was dead, but to learn her husband was a thief? No one believed she didn’t know the money’s whereabouts. She eyed his belongings on the counter, including a note with the number “5993.” Was it a clue where the money was? Maybe it was part of an account or phone number? A cat jumped on the counter. He clipped the note as she shooshed him off, spinning it around. She smiled and rushed outside to the chicken coop. Upside down, the message read EGGS. 

Susan Kling Monroe - NonFiction

no title

At work we compete over who gets to unjam the paper shredder. Those serrated teeth clenched tight on tiny shreds of whiteness. Unwilling to release their prey to the chasm of the deep wastepaper basket, those spikes of menace will be forced to yield. In a time where so much is out of our control – even the weather in our glorious Commonwealth is subject to sudden and unexpected shifts of direction - the opportunity to fix something, to make that tiny finite difference in completion, becomes somehow immensely important. For a moment one frustrating issue is corrected!  Until the next jam.

Laurel Wenson - Poetry

"Tangible Hope"

A wooden bridge spans the river between despair and hope,

Lined with toys and stuffed animals,

Given by children still living in light, 

Received by strangers who cross in darkness,

Leaving a life behind,

Carrying only memories of wooden homes,

Now splinters of childhood lost amidst sirens and explosions,

Of tearful goodbyes to fathers whispering to them to

Be brave for their mothers.

Small scared hands reach tentatively for a warm and fuzzy gift,

Tangible hope to cling to in a world turned upside down.

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