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Update: Self-Publishing Project

23 Nov 2014 5:05 PM | Deleted user

November 23, 2014

Update on the GLVWG self-publishing project.

I’m happy to report we had a lot of entries for our anthologies. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough essays for the Why We Write section, so the board has decided to collapse the two projects into one book. If you sent in two submissions, both will be included.

So far, we’ve completed the following stages in self-publishing: 1.Write and finish something, 2. Get feedback/critique and 3. Commit to getting it into print. Now we’re doing the copy editing step. Authors shouldn’t copy edit their own work. It takes a fresh set of eyes to spot the grammar, punctuation, spelling and other mistakes. Our copy editors are currently reviewing all submitted pieces and should have them returned to the authors by December 15th

When you self-publish, the quality of the final project is completely up to you. It will be the author’s responsibility to make the corrections and properly format their work to make sure it prints correctly in the anthology. Final submissions are due on January 15th.

Then we move onto the next stage in the self-publishing process: marketing. If you want to sell books you need eye catching cover art and a catchy title. We’ll be seeking ideas for titles and cover art soon and I’m hoping GLVWG members have some great ideas.

And remember, ABW!  (Always Be Writing).


Becky Bartlett


  • 17 Dec 2014 4:53 PM | Anonymous
    Hurray! So thrilled to hear of such a great interest. Which email address do the finished pieces to?
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