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My new novel, "Dawn's Eerie Light" received 4 out of 4 stars!

02 Sep 2016 4:17 PM | Roy Ziegler

"Dawn's Eerie Light" my new romantic/suspense novel was awarded 4 our of 4 stars by the OnLine Book Club review in August, 2016. Part of the reviewer's remarks:

"I consider "Dawn's Eerie Light" a great story of unrequited love. It describes the pain and loneliness of a person who loves someone so much, to the point of obsession, who does not love him back....the author's descriptions of the settings are vivid and the backstories are so detailed that if feels like the reader knows the characters personally. . . .this is one moving and unforgettable story that will stay with the reader for a while. It is  great story of love and I recommend it t those who appreciate suspense, thriller and same sex love stories."  AVAILABLE ON KINDLE AND AMAZON.

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