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Instructional and Entertaining

As a 501 (c) (3), the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group is committed to promoting an interest in writing and offering information to the general public through a variety of programs that are free to schools, libraries, and organizations that share our love of writing. To host a program, please contact John Evans at:

Battle of the Books
Get Writing, Get Published
Pathways to Publication
Author Panels
Tech Talks
Dark and Stormy Nights
Book Signings

Battle of the Books - BACK

In the Battle of the Books, three authors read excerpts from their own books demonstrating their skill/artistry in writing various elements of storytelling. The categories are:           

                        1. Opening Paragraph(s)

                        2. Setting a scene

                        3. Introducing a character

                        4. Dialogue

                        5. Action

                        6. Random page

                        7. Closing lines

All segments are limited to three minutes of material, and not all categories are used. The authors prepare in advance, selecting the best and most entertaining examples from one of their published works. The Random Read, however, is a game of chance. The audience selects a page to be read at random, and the author must read whatever is on that page: good, bad, or indifferent. The length of the program as set by the library determines how many of the segments are used as well as how much time is left over from the three-minute time limits. Generally, the clock determines whether to add or omit rounds of reading. The audience votes on which reading made the greatest impression on them for each round, and there are audience participation quizzes in which the audience is ask to identify the famous source of those same elements read from literature. Prizes are awarded, and we ask for time for each volunteer author to sell/sign copies of their books and answer questions in an informal setting after the program.

Get Writing, Get Published - BACK

Writing is a lone venture—only the writer can get the words out of his or her head and onto the page. But the road to publication has been well paved by those who have traveled it before. There is no need for each new writer to draw his own map. Members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group present “Get Writing, Get Published!” to groups of all sizes.

The program will target the specific needs of attendees, but it is generally designed to illustrate the many ways that a writer’s organization such as GLVWG, a conference such as The Write Stuff Conference, and local libraries can provide support to writers.

Possible topics include daily process, content research, storytelling craft, market research, critique and revision, how to get an agent, the role of agents and editors in today's publishing industry, what a writer's group can do for you, what a writer's conference can do for you, and, with the help of the librarian, what your library can do for you.

Pathways to Publication - BACK

This presentation is a more personal and more specific than our “Get Writing, Get Published” program. Every published author has traveled the path from typing that first sentence to seeing the book in print. In today’s publishing world there are several pathways to publication including the traditional path through agents and publishers, self-publishing, and e-publishing. There are many pitfalls and roadblocks along the way, and our GLVWG authors are willing to share their unique publishing experience with audiences and answer questions from those who may wish to follow them on the path to publication. Contact our Author Advocate Chair to arrange a talk. And don’t forget to mention which path you want to explore.

Author Panels - BACK

In this program, a moderator fires questions at four authors on one of our special topics:

  • 1.      “So You Want to be a Writer.” 
  • 2.       “I’ve Finished My Manuscript. Now What?”
  • 3.      “Writing for Young Readers.”
  • 4.      “Writing in the 21st Century.”

The questions are designed to elicit informative answers from authors about what inspires them to write, where they get their ideas, the problems they encounter, and how they manage their time. Questions from the audience are also welcome and make this presentation of value to anyone curious about writing as a career or an artistic release.

Tech Talks - BACK

If your group is interested in the nuts and bolts of writing, you might be interested in one of our Tech Talks. Each one targets a specific skill in the art of storytelling. Our published authors are willing to share the secrets of:

  • 1.      Writing dialogue
  • 2.      Building suspense
  • 3.      Creating Characters
  • 4.      Pacing
  • 5.      Point of View
  • 6.      Poetry
  • 7.      Starting a critique group
  • 8.      Writing query letters
  • 9.      Writing non-fiction
  • 10.  Website basics
  • 11.  Revising and editing
  • 12.  Setting
  • 13.  Plot and structure
  • 14.  Writing Memoirs
  • 15.  World Building

Dark and Stormy Nights - BACK

“Dark and Stormy Nights” is an exciting program in which four GLVWG writers showcase their best stuff before a live audience. The title, a nod to Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s infamous first line, might seem perfect for writers of horror, but our program is really a night of literary fun and adventure. Writers of all genres are available to participate in providing an evening of entertainment for each audience.

Our traveling road show is structured around a set program filled with fun, trivia, and audience participation hosted by an emcee who will keep the audience engaged and smiling.

Book Signings - BACK

GLVWG authors are always looking for an opportunity to meet and greet members of the reading public. A book signing by one of our local authors can add a cultural air to an event and demonstrate your support of the arts community. Visit our Published Authors page to view our talented members. You may contact them directly to arrange a book signing, or request our Author Advocacy Chair (John Evans) to make the arrangements for you.

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