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Any person under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at any GLVWG event.
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    • 26 Jan 2022
    • 6:50 PM - 9:15 PM
    • Zoom to the Cloud!
    • 14
    Register the Application of the
    Seat of the Pants to the Chair!

    The Writers Cafe
    Open to the public and free.

    Any person under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend this or any other GLVWG event.


    Put Something on Paper


    Come to the Writers Cafe and get instant feedback about your work. All levels are represented from new writers to seasoned professionals.

    If you would like a Read and Critique, bring about 550-750 words to read to the group and get instant feedback about your work.  Any genre, fiction or non-fiction, poetry, screenplays or memoirs are all welcome.

    550-750 words is 2+ pages TNR 12 point font, double spaced, 1" margins all around.

    NOTE NEW READING LIMIT ==> We will be limited to 20 readers.  You can still join the meeting, but only the first 20 to register will be able to read their work. There will be a waitlist, so have something available to read in case someone doesn't show up.

    Readers will be randomly assigned to one of 2 "Reading Rooms" with a host to keep things going.

    Readings will be 11 minutes (more or less).

    750 words takes about 5-6 minutes to read, so be wise how you use your 11 (more or less)minutes.

    Total registration will be limited to 30, because more than that would be impossible to manage.

    We will be using Zoom, and you will get an invitation via email when you register, and again the day of the Cafe.

    Schmooze with fellow writers and meet some GLVWG members.   

    Writers Cafe meets at The Cloud via Zoom!

    • 24 Mar 2022
    • 8:00 AM
    • 26 Mar 2022
    • 5:00 PM
    • Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center 300 Gateway Drive, Bethlehem, PA, 18017

    Juilene McKnight

    Our Main Presenter and Keynote Speaker.

    Member-Student / Non Member
    Thursday $95 / $115
    Friday $115 / $135
    Saturday $135 / $155

    for Full Conference
    3 day Registration $295 / $315

    Persons less than 18 years of age must be accompanied
    by a parent or guardian.

    Thursday Full Day Seminar
    (Virtual - live at the hotel)
    Lunch Included

    Gabriela Pereira

    The DIY MFA:

    Master of Fine Arts In Writing

    Here’s a secret: The typical MFA boils down to this:

    Writing + Reading + Community = MFA

    • How to make writing a priority.
    • Boost your creativity.
    • Hone your craft and master writing techniques.
    • Discover tools to help you keep up your motivation.
    • Finish that project! 

    12-12:45    Lunch (Included)
    Networking Opportunities

    Afternoon: DIY MFA Continued.

    Thursday Night:
    7:00-9:00 Writers Cafe in the Lehigh Room,
    an informal discussion and read-and-critique session

    All Write Stuff attendees are invited

    Friday Workshops and Evening Events
    (Lunch Included)

    Juilene McKnight

    Pathways to Publishing:
    A New Wilderness Journey

    American publishing has both consolidated and expanded.  What was once the Big Six has now become the Not So Big Four and Kindle Direct Publishing has opened an indie world with its own advantages and disadvantages.  Meanwhile, mid-size publishing has stepped into the gap with hundreds of opportunities to publish as long as you are aware of what you will and won't receive.  Meanwhile, the United States is publishing more than 300,000 books per year and reading is up 35% since the pandemic began.  Much is new to know and we will explore these pathways and their perils, pitfalls and promises.

    12-12:45    Lunch (Included)
    Networking Opportunities

    Afternoon:  Pathways to Publishing Continued

    Friday Evening 

    6:30-8:30  Page Cuts Critique 

    LIMITED SEATING: Additional $10 

    Anonymous read and critique with industry pros.

    7:00-8:00 p.m. Evening Session: 

    Foundations of a Story with Peggy Adamczyk

    Great stories start with a solid foundation. Building a foundation comes from understanding the connections between the elements of plot. By taking your idea or premise we will use a simple technique called “Sphere of Influence” to build a unified story.

    8:00 - 10:00 p.m. Social Gathering

    Network with presenters and fellow authors over hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, conversation.

    Sam Clemens may be here.

    Saturday Activities

    • Choice of 18 Saturday Sessions & Workshops
    • Lunch & Keynote Address

    • Friday Night Social Gathering

    • Friday Night "Foundations of a Story" Session

    • Thursday Writers Cafe

    Friday Night Page Cuts Critique, $10 fee

    Saturday Workshops


    Cedar Crest




    Check-in and Announcements in Lehigh Room



    Juilene McKnight
    The Craft of Writing

    Gregory Frost
    Three Acts
    One Story:



    Juilene McKnight

    Gregory Frost:


    Sara Karnish
    How to Put Research to Work in Your Writing

    Lawrence Knorr
    How to Self-Publish

    Gregory Frost:



    Lawrence Knorr
    The Key Elements
    of Book Design

    Phil Giunta
    Anatomy of a Compelling Short Story


    Banquet in Salon A and B 
    Juilene McKnight- Keynote:



    Sara Karnish
    Cornering Your Market with Niche Publications

    Lawrence Knorr
    Create eBooks Quickly and Inexpensively

     Phil Giunta
    Your Story is Perfect!
    Well, Except...


    Sara Karnish
    Unconventional Freelancing:
    Build a Career on Your Own Terms

    Darrell Parry
    How Poetry Builds Community

    Phil Giunta
    Time Management and Self- Care for Writers

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