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The Writers Café

NOTE: We will be meeting via ZOOM. Details on the Writers Cafe Event page. Registration is necessary.

Writers Cafe that meets every week on Wednesday, also via Zoom.

Free and open to the public

Guidelines for Critique at The Writers Cafe HERE

Much of what writers can learn from one another comes not from formal interviews or prepared speeches, but from the art of conversation, where improvised exchanges garner new contacts, shared tips and resources, inspiration and emotional support. Throughout history, great minds brought together have spurred even greater thoughts undefined recall what you've read of Michelangelo or Picasso, and the countless creative notions that took shape in the Medici mansion or at roadside Paris cafés.

This creative spark requires more fanning than our monthly 15-minute doughnut break allows. Enter The Writers Café, a weekly event that will promote the type of interpersonal alchemy that defies prediction. Can you make time in your busy schedule to drop by for a cup of coffee and some face-to-face conversation about the writing life? The event is free, but what we learn from one another may be priceless.

This is a "drop-in" event with only a start time and a location to guide us. Come when you can, leave when you must. The event is informal by design, so no reservations are necessary.

Meeting Location: we will meet via Zoom

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