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Self-Publishing Entries due by Midnight, October 25th

25 Oct 2014 3:06 PM | Becky Bartlett

Midnight tonight (10/25) is the deadline for entries for the GLVWG Self-Publishing Project.  All entries must be submitted to: 

If you sent something in, you should have gotten a response stating we had received it.  If, for some reason, you do not get a return email by Monday (10/27), you can resubmit your piece.  After that, we will be closed to submissions.

So....what happens now?

Some volunteers will read through the entries to make sure they are compatible with our guidelines including word count and no explicit sex/violence/profanity, and check membership status.  At this point, you may receive some suggestions about your piece.  (Note: they will merely be suggestions, you are not required to follow them unless it pertains to word count or objectionable content).  We will then contact you with instructions for what copy editor to send your piece to.  It will be your responsibility to make the changes the copy editor suggests, format the piece for publication, and then send it in by the final due date -- January 15, 2016.

We're very glad to see such an enthusiastic response from our membership and hope to have copies of both anthologies up for sale at the 2016 Write Stuff Conference!


Becky Bartlett

Self-Publishing Coordinator

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