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Self-publishing project: Copy editing

02 Nov 2014 8:49 PM | Deleted user

Last week submissions for the two GLVWG anthologies were due and I'm pleased to report that we have lots of participants.  Volunteers have been reading through everything to make sure it meets the word count and content guidelines.  If you submitted something, you should have heard back by now. If not, you will in a few days. 

So what happens now?  Now, we move onto the third step in the self-publishing process: Copy editing.  This is something authors can't do for themselves.  A professional has to read through the work looking for spelling errors, punctuation problems, grammar issues, and pronoun confusion. No one can effectively edit their own work--you need another set of eyes to review what you've written. 

We have two professional editors who will soon be contacting authors about their work.  After that, it will be the author's job to make the changes and resubmit their essays/stories. When you self-publish, you're responsible for the final product even when you contract out to have it done.

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to participate and, if we weren't able to get anything written by the due date, don't worry, there are still ways you can get involved.  Details to be posted soon!

Rebecca Bartlett

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