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Book to television

13 Mar 2014 1:02 AM | Deleted user

Steven Walker, appeared in an episode of a new television series, "Killer Profile" on the Lifetime Movie Network.  The episode which aired October 27th, is about serial killer, Timothy Krajcir, the subject of Walker's last true-crime book, "Predator" published by the Pinnacle True-Crime division of Kensington Publishing.  Walker was recruited by Christina Carbonara of The Michael Group in Chicago to be a consultant for the show because his book was so well-researched and accurately depicts the life and crimes of one of America's most notorious and sexually deviant psychopaths who was eventually apprehended by the Allentown Police Department after committing multiple rapes and murders across the nation for many years.  


  • 13 Mar 2014 1:27 AM | Deleted user
    Walker was filmed for the show in Philadelphia at Stage3 Productions. More recently, Mark Kachelries of Optomen Productions, Inc. requested Walker's assistance and appearance in an upcoming television episode of "Beauty Queen Murders," that is being filmed for the Discovery Channel. It is also based on the subject matter of Walker's book.
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