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Theme:  Writing Across America

Welcome to the GLVWG 2023 Anthology webpage – your home base for all the information you need to be part of this exciting project.  If you are interested in contributing to this work or just want to find out more information, keep reading for a summary of the four-phased process and timeline, followed by details on each phase. 

One of the intriguing new additions to this publication will be the inclusion of inspiring quotes to describe each category of work – short fiction, essays, and poetry. Check this link to see whether these Quotes From Authors Who Know!  motivate you to jump in.

Whether you are already working on an entry or still thinking about it, here is some important information to consider:

  •  Our submission fee is $10, but can be waived if you do a critique session prior to submission.
  •  Our submission period opens 1 September and closes promptly at midnight on
    30 September.

I hope you join us on this journey of discovery and wonder across America, through our shared works.  If interested, click the Sign-Up button at the end of this article.  This action is not a commitment, but for planning purposes, we would like to get an idea of how many authors are interested.  Thank you!

2023 Anthology Chair: Angyne Smith


Summary of GLVWG Anthology Process and Timeline



1        Creation (1 Mar – 1 Sep)

This phase is all about you, the anthology authors.  Create the work(s) you want to publish and have it/them critiqued before submission.  Here are the details:

1.1   Acceptance Criteria

  •          Declare your interest in writing for the 2023 anthology by clicking on the Sign-Up button at the end of this article.
  •          Select a type(s) of entry and observe the content limits:
      1.    Fiction – 2.500 words max
      2.    Essay – 500 words max
      3.    Poem – 10 lines minimum, 65 lines max; 70 characters per line
      •          Enter as many of the three categories as desired, but only one entry in each.
      •          Use a standard electronic file format (only .doc or .docx will be accepted).
      •          Create original content (work must not have been previously published).
      •          Align content to the anthology theme, “Writing Across America.” (Is your story set in Kauai or Nantucket, Anchorage or Miami, Green Bay or Austin?  Feature the location!)
      •          Keep content family friendly (no explicit violence, gore or sex, use discretion on strong language).
      • Note new resource available:  Review GLVWG Anthology editing guidelines available on this webpage, to set expectations for your entries. You can DOWNLOAD a PDF of the Anthology Editing Guidelines HERE.

      1.2   File Format

      •          Title your file using the format “your last name_name of your work,” for example, “Smith_Finding Magic in Alaska.”
      •          Enter your full name and email address at the top left of the first page, or as a header at top left, so that the information appears on every page.
      •          Insert the title of your work on the first page, underlined and centered.
      •          Use Times New Roman 12 point font and double-space your work.
      •          Indent the first line of each paragraph and do not include extra spaces between paragraphs, using Format/Paragraph/Indent_First_line=0.5; NO TABS.
      •          Use only one space after each sentence.

      1.3 Critique Sessions

      •          Decide whether you will participate in a critique session. (This step is required if you are expecting a free submission. Otherwise, please self-edit as quality is an acceptance criterion.)
      •          If you agree to do a critique session:
          1.    Arrange for your own writers’ circle session, or schedule a GLVWG Writers’ Café, or sign up for a GLVWG sponsored writers’ retreat.
          2.    Conduct the session and record the date, place (location or Zoom meeting), and attendees, (if not a GLVWG sponsored event). (This info will be requested as part of your submission.)).

          2      Engagement (1 Sep – 30 Sep)

          This phase is mostly about the authors, but includes some interaction with the Anthology Chair.  Here are some of the details:

          2.1 Submission

          •          Review your work one last time, to ensure you are happy that it represents your “best foot forward.”
            •    On or after 1 August, return to this page to find a link to access a new platform for submitting 2023 Anthology candidates. (The previous link had some security issues.)
            •    On or after 1 September 2022, go to the new link provided and complete all of your submissions before midnight on 30 September.
            •     Complete all required (*) fields in the form, according to the detailed instructions that will be provided based on the features and structure of the newly selected platform, but the following general elements will be included:
              1.    Multiple entries (limit one per category) will be accommodated.
              2.   The question about the critique sessions determines whether you will be billed a $10 submission fee, if accepted.  Be sure to answer this question for each entry.
              3.    A bio is required as part of your submission. Guidelines / example are available in a .pdf downloadable from this GLVWG 2023 Anthology webpage – Download Bio Guidelines PDF HERE

          2.2 Acceptance and Contract

          •  Work with the Anthology Chair to understand any feedback that impacts acceptance, which can include, but is not limited to:
              1. Word/line count caps
              2. Proscribed content
              3. Misalignment with theme
              • Provide updated submission(s) via the same link as above.
                • Upon acceptance, sign and return the contract sent by the Anthology Chair,
                  within 7 days.
                • File a copy of the final contract signed and sent to you by the Chair.
                • Pay the $10 fee, if applicable

                3      Refinement (1 Oct – 30 Nov)

                This phase is a collaborative effort between the authors, the Anthology Chair, and a select team of editors. 

                3.1 Confirmation

                •          Review the editing guidelines
                •          Confirm your understanding of the editing process and additional requirements, with the Chair.  Here is a brief summary of the editing process.
                1.    The Chair will first assign a content editor for your entry.
                2.    The content editor will review your submission and make suggestions for improving your work related to consistency, flow, strength of characters, quality of dialog, and more. (See GLVWG Anthology Editing Guidelines available for download from this site.) You can DOWNLOAD a PDF of the Anthology Editing Guidelines HERE.
                3.    The content edits are collaborative and may be a cyclical process.
                4.    After the content editor is satisfied with your work, the Chair assigns a line editor for proofreading (typos, grammar, formatting and any other possible problems).
                5.    The line edits are generally straight forward quality improvements. (See link to editing guidelines above.)
                • §  Most publications make them mandatory, as they contribute to the quality of submissions. 
                • §  We are generally more flexible, but reserve the right to require a certain level of quality in our anthology. 

                3.2 Content edits

                •          Confirm your assigned content editor, with the Chair.
                •          Work directly with your assigned content editor to refine your submitted work.
                •          Submit your final content revisions to your editor. 

                3.3 Line edits

                •          Confirm your assigned line editor, with the Chair.
                •          Review the final line edits.
                •          Confirm your readiness for publication, with the Chair.

                4     Publication (1 Dec 2022 – 15 Mar 2023) (New Information)

                This phase is primarily in the hands of the Anthology Team.  Authors will be asked to work with the Anthology Chair and Formatter to bring this work to publication and distribution.

                4.1 Book orders

                      •          Consider family, friends, colleagues, and any local venues to determine how many copies you would like to order in advance.
                      •          Place your order with the Anthology Chair by 1 March 2023.
                      •          Pay for all copies ordered by 6 March 2023.

                4.2             Mock ups and Galleys

                      •          Work with the Anthology Formatter to review .pdf files that represent how your work will appear in the published book. (Note: no content changes allowed at this point; minor edits and formatting adjustments only.)
                      •         Continue to work with the Formatter to review final galleys and approve works for publication.

                 If you are interested in submitting one or more entries,
                sign-up here:


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